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Salas P. N.

I recommend attorney Nathan to anyone. I spend almost 3 years after applying for citizenship. Usually at this point it should only take 90 days to give an answer but it wasn’t like that. I went to several lawyers in this Arkansas area I found on Facebook, internet, commercials and they recommended me. More than five lawyers told me the same. They couldn’t do anything, they gave me good luck and sent me to the house. Some didn’t even take the opportunity to look at the case just to tell them my story said I couldn’t do anything Until I listen to Nathan on the radio. Of course, I had my doubts since I had no hope for what the other lawyers told me. Thank God I didn’t give up and communicate with him. From the first date he was very interested and was very honest. If he told me I didn’t know exactly what I had to do but I don’t stop there, I call places, coworkers, out of the area until he found the answer. Every appointment takes its time to explain the next step. Calling constantly, and really care about the hunt. Thanks to your great work it won’t last more than 6 months and I was called to be as soon as possible to receive my citizenship! No matter how many words I have to say, I don’t have enough to thank what he did for me. Thank you so much Nathan Bogart!