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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger


Since 2018, Bogart, Small + Associates has been serving Arkansans from every walk of life, including individuals, families, and corporations from all over the state and beyond. The firm started with an exclusive focus on immigration law. Today, we continue to provide comprehensive representation in all areas of immigration law, and we have also added professionals dedicated to advising and providing representation in areas of the law affecting both immigrant and native-born communities.

Problems encountered by everyone in criminal or family law proceedings can have a significantly more devastating impact for immigrant and mixed status families. Understanding those potential consequences is fundamental – not only for immigration law professionals, but also for those helping their clients in criminal and family law proceedings.

Regardless of the case, we collaborate with our clients to accomplish their goals. We explain the law as clearly as possible, ensuring our clients understand where the process is going and why. It is never a burden to answer questions. We do everything we can to obtain a favorable result. If a favorable result is not possible, we explain why and work tirelessly to help our clients confront the consequences.

Sometimes you might see our attorneys out in the community as well. We take advantage of opportunities to participate in seminars, public events, fairs, and any other event that allows us to inform and educate so everyone, whether they hire us or not, is as informed as possible to take the necessary steps to protect their interests and move the conversation forward.

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