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Our firm is dedicated exclusively to immigration law and nothing else. We feel we have assembled a team of immigration professionals with a depth and breadth of experience on par with any in the region. For years, our team has helped citizens and permanent residents reunite with their families, whether through consular processing or applying for residency in the United States.

We have particular experience in litigation matters, including removal defense before the immigration courts and appellate work before the Board of Immigration Appeals and the federal circuit courts of appeal. If necessary, we sue the government in federal district court to ensure the rights of our clients are respected and the immigration agencies tow the line.

For nearly a decade, we have acquired experience in the most relevant immigration courts for our clients, including those in Memphis, Louisiana, Kansas City and Dallas, representing clients in bond proceedings, cancellation of removal, asylum and any other deportation-related matter.

Regardless of the case, we work with our clients to accomplish their goals. We explain the law as clearly as possible so our clients understand where the process is taking them and it is never a burden to answer questions. We do everything we can to obtain a favorable result, and if we cannot, we fight to the end.

We get out in the community as well, taking advantage of opportunities to participate in seminars, public events, fairs and any other event that allows us to inform and educate so everyone, whether they want to hire us or not, is as informed as possible in order to take the necessary steps to protect their interests and move the conversation about immigration forward.

Our Process

Immigration law is complex and every case is unique. In many instances, your immigration history in the United States is more than a history of visas and border crossing, but the story of your life as well. Some are tempted to take shortcuts and seek out the lawyer or notario who will prepare their applications as quickly and cheaply as possible. These solutions frequently fail to address many individual circumstances which may exist, often resulting in adverse consequences. We urge caution in using these approaches.

Your case should be treated as a unique case, because it is as unique as you are. Careful, meaningful preparation will ensure the most positive results when applying for any immigration benefit, be it a family petition, a U visa, or a work permit renewal.

Circumstances which may need to be addressed in your situation may include the following:

Our process provides the structure needed to carefully develop and prepare the applications necessary to accomplish your goals and receive the benefits for which you qualify. We have found that adequately guiding our clients through a complicated process requires that we listen and discuss as much as advise.

Our process starts with the initial consultation. This is our chance to get to know each other and to properly identify which benefits you may qualify for, as well as any potential obstacles we will need to overcome. We ask that you come ready to discuss your immigration history in detail, to tell us about yourself and your concerns. Our attorney will look at the specific circumstances of your situation and identify issues that should be addressed as well as options available for consideration.

After the initial consultation, we will work with you to make sure you are informed as to what documents and information are needed to complete your application packet. As you are able to provide such, we will begin preparing your applications and organizing your application packet. Once finished, your packet will be reviewed by one of our legal assistants, our attorney, and then by you! Only after your approval and signatures are received will we file your applications with the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (“USCIS”). Every application we file with USCIS, no matter how large or small, is reviewed a minimum of four times before being sent off.

Once filed, we will manage communication with the government on your behalf and keep you informed as we receive information. Should an interview with USCIS be necessary, we will attend that interview with you. Should the government request more information or evidence, we will work with you to make sure the best possible responses are provided.

At the end of the day, hiring an attorney should not be for the purpose of making sure your applications are filed quickly. that sentence is weird. Instead, the purpose of hiring an attorney should be to make sure your applications are filed correctly. Our process can help place you in the best possible position to achieve positive results.


Immigration goes to the core of who we are as people: our families and our homes. When facing the prospect of deportation, both are at risk. With stakes so high, the threat of deportation is not something anyone should face alone.

For those who are present in the United States without legal status, deportation is a constant threat. Even permanent residents and those with other statuses can find themselves in deportation proceedings for a variety arbitrary reasons. This is a very serious situation with the potential to have permanent consequences.

In many cases, deportation can be stopped. For some, residency or other benefits can be granted by the immigration courts. Every case is different and an intense review of the details of your specific situation, including the gathering of deeply personal and often difficult to find information is necessary before it can be determined what the best course of action is.

At Bogart, Small + Associates we have a tried and true process for presenting your best possible applications for relief before the immigration courts. Even so, it requires as much of our clients as it requires of our team.

Those we represent are frequently asked to complete complicated questionnaires, providing detailed information that may not be comfortable to share. We also task our clients with gathering tremendous amounts of documentary evidence to use in support of their applications.

Gathering so many documents and providing such personal information may seem tedious, but it is often the difference between winning and losing the case. Our ability to effectively represent you in immigration court is directly tied to the effort you put into defending yourself.

What we offer is a guiding hand, zealous representation and an experienced voice to help navigate the complicated world of deadlines, burdens of proof, legal standards and opposing parties. Working together, there is always hope.

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