Nuestro idioma es la inmigración

Speaking the language of immigration

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We are the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the ones who wanted a better life, the driven ones, the ones who woke up at night hearing that voice telling them that life in a place called America could be better.

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Zoe Naylor is exceptional. There are not enough words to thank her for the excellent job she made in my case.

Laidy E. S.
From Facebook

Charlcee handled my trial case with the utmost professional attitude. We had an ongoing case and we eventually won. Thank you Charlcee for the time spent with me and the hours you put into preparing for trial .

Andy F.
From Facebook

Zoe Taylor is great¡ she always take time to reply our emails or calls, so easy to reach her, you can see she care about us¡ she always has an answer for us or takes the time to research for us.. totally recommend Zoe.

Paulina A.
From Facebook

I endorse Zoe. She is conscientious, ethical, and dedicated to helping the immigrant community.

Alene B., Immigration Attorney
From Avvo

I’ve had the chance to know Zoe as a fellow lawyer in the community, as well as opposing counsel. She is professional, well-prepared and well-versed in family and immigration law. I definitely endorse this lawyer.

Eun S. K., Immigration Attorney
From Avvo

Mrs. Naylor was very helpful for us. I needed help with naturalization papers for my family. Mrs. Naylor walked us through the process and helped us become U.S. citizens. Very professional, quick, and easy.

From Avvo

My wife and I first met with Zoe less than a year ago, and we trusted her with our situation from day one. She was very professional and friendly; I can’t think of a meeting where she didn’t seem genuinely happy to see us. Within our first 30 minutes, we had established a (more than) fair price and outlined each of the steps required for our process of obtaining a permanent residency. I’ve always been one to ask a million questions, and she knew the answers to each one. She knew the quickest and best way to proceed. She gave us step-by-step instructions of items and meetings required: photographs, identification, health screening, etc. When it came time to fill out the forms, she filled them out for us and guided us through the process. I was surprised by the quality of treatment we received for the small amount we paid. We could always rely on her reminders via email and phone when appointments drew near. From day one, she removed any stress related to the process. Zoe attended our final interview with us, and practically held our hands through the meeting. Thanks to Zoe, we were confident in our application process and knew the interview would hold no surprises. Zoe led us through a difficult process, and made it seem like a walk in the park. I would recommend her to anyone, and will go back to her myself should we require any more assistance.

From Avvo

Charlcee handled my case with the utmost courtesy and stellar professional. She knows both sides of the law. I had no idea she used to be on the prosecuting side. I had made a legal mistake and she handled the case and made it basically disappear.

I highly recommend Charlcee for any legal issues.

From Avvo

From the first phone call, Charlcee was so helpful in guiding me through the court process. I was updated with any changing information and any time I called she was there to always talk to and answer any questions I had.

From Avvo

Charlcee is an outstanding attorney that goes above and beyond for her clients. Charlcee helped me with two traffic violations. She worked quickly and made it very easy for me! I would recommend her to anyone.

De Avvo

The best lawyer in the state and the country. And with the extra bonus that he speaks Spanish very well.

Amanda S. A.
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Nathan is a passionate advocate with competency in removal defense and all family-based immigration matters. He excels in asylum cases, and I would highly recommend him.

Lauren W., Immigration Attorney
From Avvo

I strongly recommend attorney Nathan Bogart for any immigration case. He is detail oriented and delivers results for his clients. His unique strategies are the product of his extensive background in immigration law. He successfully handled many cases in various immigration courts and immigration offices in the country. You are in good hands with this lawyer.

Roy P., Immigration Attorney
From Avvo

I’m in final deportation proceeding since and I married with my citizen wife. My case is much thought but he reopen my case put me back in proceeding, working very hard to change my status. Before I hire him I tried different lawyer include my own lawyer n last 7 years. Then all of them suggested to me leave the country and fight my case back home. Finally he did it he very good immigration lawyer.

From Avvo

My case was complicated. I came to the states on an F-1 student visa, but as soon as I started my classes my status was terminated because of late payment of tuition fee. I was depressed, worried and confused. I was out of status for a year before I was put into deportation proceedings. The day I was arrested, I immediately started looking for a lawyer. I searched for lawyers in my area and most of them were not sure of what to do. I contacted Nathan who agreed to take on my case. I can honestly say, Nathan was very very professional, he gave me hope and above all he agreed to work with me on how to make monthly payments. I trusted him from the beginning to the end of the whole process. He accompanied me to the Immigration judge and successfully helped in terminating my deportation proceedings within few months after receiving the NTA .He handled my case professionally with integrity. My 1-130 and 1-485 was handled by Susan who also worked tirelessly to prepare and accompany us to the interviews. I recommend Bogart Immigration to anybody out there who is frustrated, confused and on removal or deportation proceedings.

Name withheld
From Avvo

I had the blessing to had the services of lawyer Bogart when I filled for my residency status. He is very honest and capable. Him and his team make sure to gather all the possibly paperwork and more to make sure that everything willbe ready for the case. We did not have any issues as we provided with all the paperwork he required accordingly to the immigration laws at the moment of my case. We look forward for his services in future cases.

Adriana V.
From Avvo

I recommend attorney Nathan to anyone. I spend almost 3 years after applying for citizenship. Usually at this point it should only take 90 days to give an answer but it wasn’t like that. I went to several lawyers in this Arkansas area I found on Facebook, internet, commercials and they recommended me. More than five lawyers told me the same. They couldn’t do anything, they gave me good luck and sent me to the house. Some didn’t even take the opportunity to look at the case just to tell them my story said I couldn’t do anything Until I listen to Nathan on the radio. Of course, I had my doubts since I had no hope for what the other lawyers told me. Thank God I didn’t give up and communicate with him. From the first date he was very interested and was very honest. If he told me I didn’t know exactly what I had to do but I don’t stop there, I call places, coworkers, out of the area until he found the answer. Every appointment takes its time to explain the next step. Calling constantly, and really care about the hunt. Thanks to your great work it won’t last more than 6 months and I was called to be as soon as possible to receive my citizenship! No matter how many words I have to say, I don’t have enough to thank what he did for me. Thank you so much Nathan Bogart!

Salas P. N.
De Facebook

Nathan is a very professional lawyer. Take your time to make sure your customers understand everything about your case. It’s honest from the first consultation to finish the process. It’s humble and is always available for your customers. No doubt it’s one of the best lawyers in Northwest Arkansas.

Sarai M.
De Facebook

Nathan Bogart is an excellent immigration lawyer. He is very honest and helpful. Thank you so much Nathan for your services. I really appreciate all your help. I will highly recommend your firm to my family and friends for future immigration issues. I wish you all the success. God bless you.

Maria O.
From Facebook

Nathan is a fantastic lawyer. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer. He was very patient and answered all our questions and gave us great advice.

Carol Q.
From Facebook

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