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John Stewart

In fact, that’s why all of our ancestors came to this country, and were themselves originally unwelcome. Because that’s the story of America. From Ben Franklin’s worry that Germans were ruining Pennsylvania, to 19th century 60-year ban on the Chinese immigrants who had just finished building our rail system, to…the Irish, and their insatiable applying… > “John Stewart”

John Stewart

Criminal Defense

Unfortunately, the areas of immigration and criminal law often go hand-in-hand, especially as the detention and removal scheme run by the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) relies more on state and local law enforcement agencies to identify and arrest noncitizens. Even seemingly minor violations can result in life changing immigration consequences, including removal from the United States. This is not a threat only to those without status, but also to visa holders, lawful permanent residents and all other statuses short of naturalized U.S. citizens.

Our immigration and criminal defense attorneys work together and with our clients who have been charged with criminal conduct the best possible chance at a favorable resolution of the charges at hand and, if necessary, the potential immigration consequences. The reality that immigrants run the risk of suffering greater consequences for being charged with criminal activity than native-born citizens led to the firm’s opening of a criminal defense practice in January 2019.

Our team leader, Charlcee Small, brings substantial experience to the table, having worked for both the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Arkansas and the Benton County Prosecutor’s Office where she tried hundreds of cases involving criminal and traffic matters. She has worked on the other side and understands the strategies the prosecutors will use against the accused. If you are charged with a criminal or traffic offense, she can help you.


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