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My case was complicated. I came to the states on an F-1 student visa, but as soon as I started my classes my status was terminated because of late payment of tuition fee. I was depressed, worried and confused. I was out of status for a year before I was put into deportation proceedings. The day I was arrested, I immediately started looking for a lawyer. I searched for lawyers in my area and most of them were not sure of what to do. I contacted Nathan who agreed to take on my case. I can honestly say, Nathan was very very professional, he gave me hope and above all he agreed to work with me on how to make monthly payments. I trusted him from the beginning to the end of the whole process. He accompanied me to the Immigration judge and successfully helped in terminating my deportation proceedings within few months after receiving the NTA .He handled my case professionally with integrity. My 1-130 and 1-485 was handled by Susan who also worked tirelessly to prepare and accompany us to the interviews. I recommend Bogart Immigration to anybody out there who is frustrated, confused and on removal or deportation proceedings.