• Speaking the languages of immigration and criminal defense

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My wife and I first met with Zoe less than a year ago, and we trusted her with our situation from day one. She was very professional and friendly; I can’t think of a meeting where she didn’t seem genuinely happy to see us. Within our first 30 minutes, we had established a (more than) fair price and outlined each of the steps required for our process of obtaining a permanent residency. I’ve always been one to ask a million questions, and she knew the answers to each one. She knew the quickest and best way to proceed. She gave us step-by-step instructions of items and meetings required: photographs, identification, health screening, etc. When it came time to fill out the forms, she filled them out for us and guided us through the process. I was surprised by the quality of treatment we received for the small amount we paid. We could always rely on her reminders via email and phone when appointments drew near. From day one, she removed any stress related to the process. Zoe attended our final interview with us, and practically held our hands through the meeting. Thanks to Zoe, we were confident in our application process and knew the interview would hold no surprises. Zoe led us through a difficult process, and made it seem like a walk in the park. I would recommend her to anyone, and will go back to her myself should we require any more assistance.