Amanda S.A.

The best lawyer in the state and the country. And with the extra bonus that he speaks Spanish very well.

Lauren W.

Nathan is a passionate advocate with competency in removal defense and all family-based immigration matters. He excels in asylum cases, and I would highly recommend him.

Roy P.

I strongly recommend attorney Nathan Bogart for any immigration case. He is detail oriented and delivers results for his clients. His unique strategies are the product of his extensive background in immigration law. He successfully handled many cases in various immigration courts and immigration offices in the country. You are in good hands with this… Read more »


I’m in final deportation proceeding since and I married with my citizen wife. My case is much thought but he reopen my case put me back in proceeding, working very hard to change my status. Before I hire him I tried different lawyer include my own lawyer n last 7 years. Then all of them… Read more »


My case was complicated. I came to the states on an F-1 student visa, but as soon as I started my classes my status was terminated because of late payment of tuition fee. I was depressed, worried and confused. I was out of status for a year before I was put into deportation proceedings. The… Read more »

Adriana V.

I had the blessing to had the services of lawyer Bogart when I filled for my residency status. He is very honest and capable. Him and his team make sure to gather all the possibly paperwork and more to make sure that everything willbe ready for the case. We did not have any issues as… Read more »

Salas P. N.

I recommend attorney Nathan to anyone. I spend almost 3 years after applying for citizenship. Usually at this point it should only take 90 days to give an answer but it wasn’t like that. I went to several lawyers in this Arkansas area I found on Facebook, internet, commercials and they recommended me. More than… Read more »

Sarai Marrufo

Nathan is a very professional lawyer. Take your time to make sure your customers understand everything about your case. It’s honest from the first consultation to finish the process. It’s humble and is always available for your customers. No doubt it’s one of the best lawyers in Northwest Arkansas.

Maria O.

Nathan Bogart is an excellent immigration lawyer. He is very honest and helpful. Thank you so much Nathan for your services. I really appreciate all your help. I will highly recommend your firm to my family and friends for future immigration issues. I wish you all the success. God bless you.

Carol Q.

Nathan is a fantastic lawyer. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer. He was very patient and answered all our questions and gave us great advice.